Copyright 2011 Neo Trash Comix
Writer: Jason Zachary Pott

Artist: Ben Perkins

Copyright Neo Trash Comix 2010

Meet Prof. Katzmann Ozark the most brilliant geneticist in the known universe & the father of genetic perfection. He is the reason why the future is full of beautiful people free of disease, genetic imperfection, hair loss, sagging breasts & lower-than-average penis size. Yes, Prof. Ozark is a visionary scientist who has surpassed all the brilliant minds before him by centuries.

And the world of perfection he has created is going to be turned upside down when the failed experiments of his past come back to haunt him from the bowels of his thriving scientific superstructure known as The CompleX the massive flesh factory in which Prof. Ozark sculpts his latest genetic projects into reality!

While Prof. Ozark attempts to rebuild the shredded remains of his daughter's corpse, the lab rejects from past genetic experiments horrific abominations of nature crawl from the abandoned subterranean depths of The CompleX to reap their revenge upon the good professor.

But Prof. Ozark has a few secret weapons of his own to use in this war of genetic imperfections & he is more than ready to use them now that the freaks from Ozark's oversized petri dish from hell have kidnaped the professor's daughter's remains.

Prof. Ozark's unholy first born are twisted & restless....