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What was meant to be a way to make easy money becomes the biggest nightmare for two angry young men.

FRANZ and DASHIELL - two failed artists - thought they could change their lives for the better, overnight, with a simple plan only to bring their world crashing down around them with hilarious results. The two friends learn there are no free rides on the gravy train and there’s nothing to profit but pain from the get rich-quick idea. And at what cost to them?

Throw in a cast of outrageous characters and you have a wild ride through comedy noir in the vein of Repo Man and O.C. & Stiggs - pan fried in the spirit of independent comix. Meet URSULA, a boo-jee grrl! and goth girlfriend of Dashiell’s; a CAT BURGLAR who inspires the two best friends; FEROCIOUS BOB, urban park bench philosopher and one very lucky OLD LADY. They are just a few of the symptoms as to why the machinery in our heroes’ story breaks down. Don’t hesitate. You’ll want to witness the implosion.

CONCERNED is a reason to enjoy dark comedy again.

Writer: Jason Zachary Pott

Artist: Adam Cline

Copyright Neo Trash Comix 2007