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Tell me your life sucks & I'll introduce you to Jonny Morbid a two-bit hit-man from Cleveland who's chained to a second rate bookie who isn't worth the dog crap you just stepped in. Jonny's life sucks a hell of a lot more than yours! Not only does he have to ice a hung-over, gambling addicted, children's party clown, but he has to go on a cross country road trip to rescue a young runaway from The Cult of White Powder Mao a porn producing drug dealer turned cult leader!

It's not going to be an easy job.

Jonny Morbid seeks help from his old mentor, repo man & voodoo priest, St. Alfonso DuBois. Together, the two best friends embark on one of the strangest road trips to ever grace the pages of NEO Trash Comix!

Inside this weird fantasy you'll meet: Bobby Toon, The Navigator, Black Amanda, The Oracle of Filth, Pariah, The Eggman, Prof. Katzmann Ozark, The Brothers Trip-Tick, Mr. Blurr, Rev. Ozone & Dr. Pleebo plus a further cast of misfits who'll make Jonny Morbid's head spin & gladly squeeze the trigger!

And you think your life sucks!

Copyright Neo Trash Comix 2003

Writer: Jason Zachary Pott

Artist: Ben Perkins