Tim Finn--V.P. Mgt. / Web site Mgr.

Tim has an Associate Degree in Photography / Multi-Media from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Besides creating the Neo Trash Web site, Tim enjoys photography and video and is a professional chef. Drop him a line to discuss your internet & photography needs today. A great web site doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and Tim makes the process quick and easy.

Jason Zachary Pott -- CEO
Writer/Creator/Publisher. CONCERNED (graphic novel); BOO-JEE GRRRL!: THE URSULA SCHLABOTNIK PROJECT (graphic novel--forthcoming); The Toxic Confessions of Jonny Morbid; Prof. Ozark's Secret Medicine Show; The Brass Knuckle Rituals (forthcoming); Pickled Punk Phunnies (forthcoming). contacts: ; .

Adam Cline --Illustrator
Link: CONCERNED (graphic novel) & BOO-JEE GRRRL!: THE URSULA SCHLABOTNIK PROJECT (graphic novel--forthcoming).

Alex Delany--V.P.
Illustrator/Inker/Writer. Prof. Ozark's Secret Medicine Show & Pickled Punk Phunnies (forthcoming).

Dan DePaolo--Illustrator
The Brass Knuckle Rituals (forthcoming).

Noah Latz--Illustrator
The Toxic Confessions of Jonny Morbid (v.2.0).

Traci Thorpe
"jason zachary pott--NEOtrash Comix", Myspace designers/mgrs.

GRRR!, the cat
NEOtrash Comix Company Mascot. contact: .